Data Communications Software major

Tips for master's thesis workers


The main aim of these instructions is to help students to write their master's thesis in Data Communications Software major (in Computer science) at TKK, but these instructions can be applied to other type of writing works. Note: some links work only from the TKK domain!

Some courses (mostly in Finnish) for helping thesis writers:


Process from bureaucracy poin of view

Instructions of how the master's thesis process works from bureaucratic point of view are given on the Degree Programme's page (the same instructions are also available in Finnish). Check the Degree Programme's instruction first, below are some instructions from more practical point of view.

General Working Habits

Finding References and Evaluating Them

Templates and tools

Writing in English

Usually, Master's Theses are written in English. In addition to English language, you need to use the style of English writing. This means, that you give more hints what the reader will read next than writing in Finnish. This is done with transition in every layer. Use transition words such as however, on the other hand etc. to link sentences, link paragraphs together, and finally, the whole paper is linked together. Do not use same transition words too often but choose synonyms.

Other tips

Do not worry about the end of the work in the begining!

Other instructions

  • Prof. Hannu Kari's instructions about On the Structure of a Master's Thesis
  • Wiki for Data Communication major DI2010 students (in Finnish)
    Sanna Suoranta, 2.9.2009