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SVG research group has been merged with Learning + Technology Group. These pages will no longer be updated.

Scientific staff

  • Docent Ari Korhonen, co-ordinator
    Docent, D.Sc (Tech) Korhonen runs the SVG research group and AAFAS research project at HUT. He also acts as an supervisor or instructor for many of the M.Sc students, and instructor for many D.Sc students in the group.
  • Professor Lauri Malmi
    Prof. Malmi acts as the supervisor for M.Sc and D.Sc projects conducted in this group. He also runs the COMPSER research group as well as the cooperative TAPAS project.
  • Professor Jorma Tarhio
    Prof. Tarhio supervises M.Sc. thesis related to Software Visualization, which is one of his areas of interest. His current projects, however, are more related to String Algorithms.
  • D.Sc. (Tech) Ville Karavirta
    Doctor Karavirta holds a post-doc position in SVG. He instructs M.Sc. thesis and studies algorithm animation languages (see XAAL project) in collaboration with the other group members.

Technical & supporting staff

  • M.Sc. (Tech) Pekka Mård

PhD students

Master's students

  • Mr. Lasse Hakulinen
  • Mr. Kimmo Kiiski
  • Mr. Teemu Koskinen
  • Mr. Teemu Sirkiä
  • Mr. Ari Sundholm

Collaboration and Guests

Former members

  • Mr. Erik Fallenius
  • B.Sc. Isaac Jurado
  • M.Sc. Jouni Karppinen
  • M.Sc. Markku Rontu
  • M.Sc. Juan Sáez García
  • M.Sc. Riku Saikkonen
  • Mr. Harri Salonen
  • M.Sc. Panu Silvasti
  • Mr. Kimmo Stålnacke