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SVG research group has been merged with Learning + Technology Group. These pages will no longer be updated.

Software Visualization (SV) is an active research field in software engineering that uses graphics and animation to illustrate different aspects of software. SV systems can be utilized in program development, research, and teaching to help programmers and learners understand the structure, abstract and concrete execution as well as the evolution of software.

The mission of the Software Visualization Group (SVG) at the Helsinki University of Technlogy is to develop advanced software visualization methods for algorithm animation and simulation, visual testing and debugging, and information retrieval systems. In addition, we design and implement visualization tools for educational purposes. Especially we want to promote interaction between the learner and the system as well as give meaningful feedback for the learner by means of automatic assessment. We also research the usefulness of such software in various applications. The Software Visualization Group is also very active in supporting the use of the tools across other institutions in Finland as well as internationally, thus we have active collaboration with many scientists and research groups within this field.

Current Activity


  • The group acts as an umbrella organization for different SV projects conducted in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, including research projects funded by external sources, M.Sc. and D.Sc. thesis projects as well as independent projects related to courses, seminars, etc. In addition, the group members organize seminars and courses on Software Visualization and related topics as well as employ the SV tools in their teaching.
  • See projects for more information.


Current Collaboration and Guests

  • The Edge at Tampere University of Technology is a group of people that are interested in developing their own teaching. Hence, the "products" of the group are quite versatile, since many systems have used to be implemented to solve a single, acute problem. The ultimate aim is to share the tools that have already been implemented, thus preventing to invent the wheel again and again. However, a single tool cannot solve everything, thus the group also studies how to best utilize them together. The first solutions are seldom optimal neither technically or pedagogically. All this has led to the idea of forming a group that is specialized in programming education.
  • The MirrorWolf project in the University of Joensuu develops reflective tools for learning communities. These tools are designed to help users monitor and improve both their individual and collaborative work processes. The methods developed in MirrorWolf consist of semi-automatic tools for essay writing and assessment, visual tools for representing web-based group work and detection tools for collaboration vs. plagiarism. Currently SVG is collecting data for new experiments in which their automatic and semi-automatic essay grading method is applied in one of our mass courses.
  • See also Staff page for more collaborators.

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