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TRAKLA2 Documentation

Learner Interface

The following documentation lists the help files for the end users.

TRAKLA2 learning environment

Download the latest web server package that also contains the documentation how to install it.

TRAKLA2 exercise package

Download the current set of exercises as gzipped tar-file. Unzip the file and extract the files from tar-archive to a folder of your choice (however, Desktop (Työpöytä) in Windows OS is not the best place at least in Finnish version because Java seems to have problems with some special character sets in paths and the applet wont possibly load). After that, open the file index.html in your favourite web browser and that's it (make sure your browser is allowed to run Java applets). If further customization is needed, see also Configuring TRAKLA2 offline version applets.

Another option is to point your browser directly to the extracted version of the distribution on the web. There is no need to install anything, yet you cannot configure the exercises either.

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