Expanding Wave-method

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Find the Delaunay triangulation for the given point set using the Expanding Wave method. The required auxiliary points have been created around the point set and the first point to be handled has been put into the queue.

1. Let Q be a queue
2. Initialize the helper vertices 
   into a rectangle around the input
3. Insert lower left help vertex to Q

4. While Q is not empty
5.  Let A be the anchor vertex and N the neighbour vertex
6.  dequeue a vertex from Q and set it to A
7.  Find a known neighbour of A and set it to N
8.  if N has not been queueud, queue N
9.  while A has more possible neighbours
10.   Let N1 be the next neighbour vertex
11.   make connections (A,N1), (N,N1)
12.   set value of N to N1
13.   if N has not been queued, queue N

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