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TKK Technical Reports in Computer Science and Engineering, B

Espoo, 2010

Content Centric Services and Networking

Seminar on Internetworking, Spring 2010

Antti Ylä-Jääski, Sachin Gaur (eds.)

Tutors: Jiujun Cheng, Sachin Gaur, Jani Heikkinen, Iiro Jantunen, Miika Komu, Ming Li, Boris Nechaev, Yrjo Raivio, Matti Seikkinen, Sanna Suoranta, Yulian Wang and Zhihua Jin

The articles have been written by the students at the course T-110.5190 Seminar on Internetworking in the spring 2010. We thank the tutors for providing advice during the process of writing.
The authors have full copyright to their articles.


ISBN: 978-952-60-3268-9
ISSN: 1797-6944


During the last 15 years the Internet and mobile networks have become the main communication networks that ordinary people are using in their everyday life. These communication networks are now cordial infrastructures for the society. During these years specifically the usage of Internet has changed dramatically. From the early days of Web and email services we have witnessed a recent revolution in the content distribution services and social networking services, which have dramatically exploded in popularity and usage.

The Internet provides a unified protocol and framework to distribute and combine content and services globally. There are virtually endless possibilities to develop content centric services for a large number of people. On the other hand, there are several challenges like content distribution and presentation techniques, scalability, security, privacy, copyrights and business models. Another set of challenges will emerge when more and more people prefer using the services on the move through billions of mobile devices.

The 2010 seminar on Internetworking will address content centric services and networking. Seminar topics will cover current topical services, trends, technologies and challenges, as well as future visions and historical perspectives.This seminar will provide a broad overview of the most interesting developments in the content centric services and networking. Several presentations also address the usability and security viewpoints in addition to the technical details. This is of outmost importance to enable smooth service penetration to large audience.

Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski
Data Communications Software
Espoo, April 27, 2010

Paper collection

Juuso Mayranen Internet protocol over unconventional wireless interfaces (pdf)

Markku Anttikainen Reliable data delivery for publish/subscribe networks (pdf)

Jaakko Ruutiainen CDNs: Troubleshooting and Optimization (pdf)

Juha Salo Data center network architectures (pdf)

Prajwol Kumar Nakarmi The deep web (not available)

Nan Shang Study on mobile phone as a gateway to online social networks in China (pdf)

Antti Relander Trusty mechanisms in Social Networks (pdf)

Sridhar Moorthy Future privacy trends (not available)

Rushil Dave Business models for the long tail of mobile services (not available)

Wei Li Generic Contact book (pdf)

Dennis Matthias Dominik Picker-Huchzermeyer Key problems and Instantiations of the Internet of Things (pdf)

Antti Maula A review and qualitative analysis of IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability technologies (pdf)

Sajjad Rizvi On improving energy efficiency in A3: A CDS based topology construction protocol for WSNs (not available)

Harri Kukkonen Build mobile phone connectivity over IP networks (pdf)

Sussane Salo Mobile phone content sharing through web servers (pdf)

Jussi LitjaGoogle Wave and Security (pdf)

Sebastian Monte Access control based on content (pdf)

Mikko Vestola Security issues in structured P2P overylay networks (pdf)

Sanja Scepanovic Dynamic topologic structure modelling policies for mobile peer-to-peer network (not available)

Muhammad Farhan Khan ICE with P2P SIP (pdf)